B*tch Blend Duo

B*tch Blend Duo

from 25.00

Days 1-14 & Days 15-28 to cover you all month long!

Balance your hormones NATURALLY!

Try Seed Cycling…Seed cycling is a natural way to balance your hormones throughout the two phases of your menstrual cycle using the nutrients found in seeds. By boosting estrogen in the first phase and progesterone in the second, seed cycling can help relieve PMS, increase fertility, ease pain from conditions like ovarian cysts, endometriosis, and PCOS, and regulate irregular cycles. It can be effective for women who are menstruating, pre-menopause, postpartum, and post-menopause.

HOW TO USE Elli-vated Goods B*ch Blends:

* Use 1 tablespoon daily

  • Sprinkle on avocado toast

  • Top salads or soups

  • Mix in grains

  • Blend in dressings

  • Sprinkle on eggs

  • Season your seafood or meat

  • Popcorn seasoning

  • Mix into dips,

  • Toss with roasted veggies

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