About Jarett

My parents came up with the name Jarett because it it combined the names of my grandfather on my father’s side, Jerry (my father’s preferred choice), and the desired name of my mothers favorite actor, Rhett; my name is pronounced as such: JER-IT. 

I really dislike the idea about guiding you, the reader, through a chronological timeline of my life; that would be boring and a waste of your time. I’ll simply touch on the developmental moments.

My childhood consisted of constant competition amongst me and my 3 older sisters. We were imaginative and athletic. Most of our games include of some type of sports ball. The end result was someone being playfully punished, emotionally and physically, for being the loser of the game, in the most child-like free-spirited way. These types of childhood activities, in conjunction with parents whom emphasized organized sports, allowed me to develop coordination and athleticism that would propel me throughout my adolescence with a strong identity as a baseball player. The cultivation of this skill, along with good grades in the classroom, caught the attention of collegiate programs and professional scouts. I decided that I would pursue and education while playing baseball at the University of Washington.

However, going to college was extremely problematic for me. 

I developed negative attachments to relationships, alcohol, and drugs. During this time I was constantly looking for external sources to fix an internal problem. Although my life at this point may have seemed to be going well from an outsiders point of view; internally I was in so much pain. Just like most people, I was experiencing family drama. My parents were going through a divorce and I didn’t have the maturity to process my pain appropriately. So instead, I chose to cope with my pain from the sources that always require more, which consequently, turned my life into a complete shit storm. 

I am extremely grateful for going through this particularly challenging period of my life. It taught me a valuable lesson: Internal problems should be modified internally.

I started listening to podcasts and audiobooks that inspired me at a mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual level. Through these particular mediums, I have been able to mold a great routine that is filled with practices that combine ancient wisdom as well as scientifically backed modalities. Some of which are considered pretty radical by today’s standards. These practices are part-in-parcel to my daily commitment—being the best version of myself constantly. 

This is the path that I have chosen to take based on the challenges that I have had to overcome. This choice has allowed me into enter space that is constantly evolving. I know this because of how happy I feel, my level of self-awareness, and the relationships that I am forming. 

I couldn’t be happier with the creation of Elli-vated goods.

Elli and I work extremely well together. She takes the lead with the product development and I tend to support our business with the logistics and strategical execution. We are both competitively curious about all things health and wellness. Most of our days, when we’re not working on a project, are full of healthy activities like experimenting with new health trends that we are investigating.

I feel an overwhelming amount of gratitude to be with a parter that possesses a similar vision. The intersection of our life paths and the degree of alignment within our interests and purposes gives me the feeling that this is where we are meant to be. 

Jarett Jackson